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Puppy needs better documentation/website
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PostPosted: Today, at 2:28 pm    Post subject:
Subject description: puppylinux.ca without the dot
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Many times I've been caught the same way in a forum or on email. As a webmaster I should know better lol Smile Very Happy
Caneri wrote:
hey the link will work without the "." at the end...lol


and thanks for the kind words....I have removed the link to "Manuals" from the front until a consensus can be reached or at least get closer. It's now on the software page.

I welcome ideas...please post them....keeping up to puppy is a formidable task as you are well aware..my idea was to bring many developers together on my server to keep me up to date...I feel the "owner" will be much more able to do updates than myself and so far I think it's working...

Now I need to keep up to the developers...oh my...Wink

I'm impressed with your way of organising things at your site. Great job, mate, nice work.

With your permission I'll put links to puppylinux.ca (without the dot Very Happy ) on a series of pages I know where to find. The proliferation of pages about PuppyLinux is frustrating and confusing to both web users and linux users, not just newbies who may indeed get frightened off, or take it as a joke. Yes I've heard that comment in the real world, which is disappointing for a project with so much potential, and so many contributors amongst its user base.

FYI I'm developing a sub-subdomain at http://micro-hard.homelinux.net/PuppyLinux using a quick guide to 2.15ce as an indication of what someone might like to see before going any further. The page has the "by-line" of "...can it hold its own against Vista and XP?"

The whole site is a sprawling help archive on things I found of technical interest, in many cases with saved pages from elsewhere describing things. It does not set out to be a pretty-pretty site at all, but as you land in a root directory of "topics" it works - for me anyway.

I have some downloads - the ones I'm likely to use myself, and the ones I've tried and found that they worked. Why? Because I can never find where to go and get them from again. They are my repository but anyone is free to use them. They get updated sometimes too. All courtesy of the bandwidth allowed me by my great Australian isp, internode.on.net - who do not charge for upload bandwidth which is what anyone accessing my vhosts (Virtual Hosts) is using, albeit on a dynamic ADSL2+ connection with DNS provided by dyndns.org who I also thoroughly recommend.

Caneri wrote:
EDIT...I wish I could put dates on each file..but so far I'm told my server doesn't support "dates"...the older version of Apache is what I've been told is the problem...any solution to this would be interesting to me.

I've Never had any problems with 1.3.27 (the first I used), I think I have 1.3.35 or something somewhere. Ver2 doesn't seem to configure as easily as v1.3.x

Happy New Year, mate, from an "old fogie" who will be 73 in a week's time, in downunder Oztralia Smile And yes, I live in a retirement village too Smile

Have you noticed editing is always needed for the inevitable typos that weren't there when you hit the "post" button?

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