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How the latest Linux Tmxxine Shard was created

For this distro creation, I started with:

remastering details

Creating the earlier Alpha release 0.9 of Linux Tmxxine

Details of the completed distro

Create Bootsplash

Podcast about creating a distro with Puppy Linux
Ogg format 1.6 MB
Wav format 7.9 MB

For this distro creation, you will need:


I used the full Puppy2.01 as a start. The Opera Puppy 2.01 would work and Barebones 2.01 might be a smaller starting point - especially if you want to add Firefox

Audacity sound editor. Very stable. Also available for Windows. .pup
Xara graphics - 50% complete - very usable. Sadly the enclosed nightly build is unstable (first time) for a stable version try direct from xaralx website
NVU WSIWYG HTML editor. NVU is more powerful than composer on which it is based. Tmxxine has made a commitment to create its documentation in wiki format. This tool is for temporary deployment. - Klh .pup
007 blowfish single file encryption. This only works on single files. It is only two lines of code - Lobster .pup
Java. Widely used, the third most important language after C and C It allows access to java enabled web sites - many scientific sites make use of it. - GuestToo .pup
Extra codecs for viewing movies through the Internet - MU dotpup
Mplayer - be careful with this - crashed my machine from within dotpup menu
VYM - View Your Mind. A Mind mapping thought generation tool - pupget
Tuxcard - organise you bits of information - pupget
Xfce Window manager, Shut down / exit to prompt and then type xwin xfce To return reboot Xfce and then type xwin jwm - forum .pup


Within the standard Puppy use Control Panel / JWM setup and change to the Puppy_XP theme and Windows XP GTK themes
This will give blue menus when you reboot

Right click on a puppy icon and select rox-filler / options / pinboard
Then click on outlined text and make the foreground black and the background white
click on apply
click on save (important)
This will allow desktop fonts to appear on dark and light backgrounds
Then use Control panel / Puppybackground desktop image to add a blue image of your choice


eg. md5sum newname.iso

. . . and a wiki page for good measure


On the third day I am on the weekly Distrowatch as a new Linux Distribution. . .

Details of the completed distro

Here are details of the second effort taking only two hours:

7:10 AM download and install Barebones Puppy 2.00 (my starting point) onto a RW-DVD
7:28 AM booting up in Puppy Barebones
7:30 AM Puppy firewall up and connected to the net (yep 2 minutes - will be instant with the much awaited Mean Puppy)
Now I realise I have to use Dillo to download software - yuk (yeah I know it is fast - but I had to eat two days ration of sardines just to cope with Dillo)
7:51 AM Download and boot into Xfce - Oh joy - what a great window manager that is . . .
7:59 AM Install Firefox 1.5 - no probs. Just go to the Firefox site and install it
8:13 AM Install java - nope I think this failed - I used Guestoo's dotpup which has been the most reliable in the past but the 'you now have java' applet did not appear.
8:21AM edited .xfinic to boot into xfce on startup (the . means it is a hidden file use - right click / display / show hidden in Rox) all I did was add a line exec xfce a bit near the end
and REMed (#) out the Mozilla start line also near the end on which the command was based
8:36 AM added Mut to Xfce taskbar and moved it into position (right click on Xfce taskbar)
8:38 AM Sylpheed added (just use sylpheed on the command line - same with leafpad - right click on the mail icon and select prefences to get icon preferences)
8:55 AM Feature freeze and prepare to burn

Linux TmxxineServage

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