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Puppy "Happy" 2.20

"My thinking is that the next release after 2.17 will be 2.20, which will be a major package upgrade. Probably will move up to gcc/libc 4.x, also gtk 2.10.x. As we are getting more Slackware-compatible, in terms of directory structure, support in PetGet, the PET-to-tgz project, the CUPS/espgs/gutenprint pkgs taken out of Slackware 11 (etc., etc.) it would seem a good idea to move to close binary compatibility, same kernel version, same, gcc/libc, same package versions, same or similar dependencies for packages. To this end, I'm thinking of upgrading all the PET packages as much as possible straight from Slackware 12 binary pkgs, rather than recompile with T2.

I might hold off some significant changes until after 2.17, target for 2.20. A kernel recompile for example -- right now I only have one reason for doing a recompile, Ted Dog's dvb support, but more reasons will come along later. Also, Jesse and Dougal are working on various hardware issues that might mature later (?) and be ready for 2.20."


Possible network booting Puppy

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