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added IcePup 0.3

August 21, 2007

August 19, 2007

Talking Stick Community Edition announced

August 5 2007

Linux Tmxxine Shard released
An operating system based on Puppy Linux 2.17.1
144 MB
Bugfixed Puppy 2.17.1
IceWM with XP and Vista themes
Extra Programs
EzPup, Xara, Kompozer, GimpShop and Java, adblock+ for Seamonkey

August 4, 2007

Puppy 2.17.1 Released
A minor bugfix; no need to upgrade from 2.17 unless you're having the specific problems addressed in Barry's release notice

August 2 2007


July 20 2007

Puppy 2.17 "Dancer" FINAL available

July 19 2007

myPup alpha released. A "web 2.0" based Puppy. This puplet weighs in at 88Mb and has had Abiword, Gnumeric, Gaim and some other applications removed in favor of Google Docs & Spread, GMail, Meebo and numerous other web-based applications to add to Puppy's capabilities. myPup also includes wbar to give Puppy a nice clean desktop...check it out! This was created using Puppy-unleashed 2.16 and is considered a bit of a proof-of-concept project. I have seen a couple of other attempts such as Cl33n and WebConverger, but I think Puppy may be a better suited base for this type of distro.


You can read more about it here

or download it here

July 12 2007

Gamepup Alpha released based on Puppy 2.16

July 11 2007

2.17 "Dancer" Alpha release available


July 4 2007

image Japanese Puppy

June 29 2007

Ecopup 0.7 Beta
1. To have a large variety of applications that will be required by most non-technical computer users in a low income home environment.
2. To be intuitive and familiar to those with existing windows experience.
3. To be able to be installed extremely simply on donated hardware, in under ten minutes, perminantly removing all traces of the previous windows operating system. This is make it economically viable to refurbish older p.c.'s and sell them at a price point affordable to low income families and individuals.
4. To be natively compatible with as much hardware as possible, *without* additional setup time or training (i.e. autodetect).


June 17 2007

News from Puppy Cybercafe


June 2 2007


Puppy 2.16 NOP is Nearly Office Pup created by a professional aerospace engineer
Abiword and Gnumeric have been removed so that there is no application function duplication when the Oo sfs is added.
Opera (browser / mail / chat).
The ICEWM system has been added, with a blue xp look as default with other options
Clean menus and desktop. Application duplication in the menus has also been reduced
Addition of Xsane and the inclusion of CUPS as the default print system.
The printer setup wizard now runs CUPS setup and the printer status menu option opens up the CUPS printer tools in a web browser.
ROX filer background patterns and updated the gtk themes to include some nice patterns.



June 1 2007

TeenPup 2 released


May 31 2007

Puppy Linux 2.16.1 based distro with IceWM themes plus Open Office, developer, graphic and other sfs


May 29 2007

Beautify your Puppy add 14MB of Bow WOW


May 28 2007

Youtube video of Puppy running on tiny laptop from oQO
watch video


May 21 2007

2.16 Minipup goes into hardware

May 18 2007

Puppy Playstation 1 mod


May 17 2007


May 15 2007

2.16 will be released 17 May
2.16 full release notes - at least read the stuff in red
A release candidate is available . . .
It should also filter through to the ibiblio mirrors.


May 13 2007

Bert builds a small computer just for Puppy
GNU Cash Accounting for Puppy
Puppy on your TV

May 10 2007

How puppy linux found me the girl of my dreams...


May 9 2007

Puppy 2.16 Beta released - for testers only
Ladies, and young ladies, I am proud to introduce today the 1st Release
Candidate of a customized distribution dedicated to GIRLS Very Happy
named eXpand v2.15 - Barbie REVAMPED

April 29 2007

Another Wiki for Puppy

April 27 2007

Grafpup 2 Beta released - http://grafpup.com/news/archives/168

April 22 2007

Puppy Dofus "DOFUS edition comes with everything needed to play, connect to internet, play DOFUS, chat with others players, analyse network in case of need, have a few others tasks pertaining to real-life work so you never reboot to use windows, and even relax by playing a few other cool little games with your friends... and more, much more, as we have bundled and tweaked in this ISO cdrom file image the very best we could find on every domain"

April 17 2007

Lobster audio Pawed cast

April 6 2007

Puppy 2.15CE - Latest stable release more information here Download
Please mirror

April 4 2007

DigiPup - Puppy for Ham Radio

March 30 2007

Podcast about Viz
Viz RC3 released

March 24 2007

Puppy Viz 2.15 RC2 Now available

March 20 2007

DOWNLOAD Puppy Viz 2.15 RC1

March 13 2007

2.14 with Firefox
Puppy powered vending machine

March 8 2007

Puppy Viz 2.15 Beta available

March 5 2007

March 4 2007

Virtual Machine Puppy released
TeenPup released

Thursday 1 March 12 noon to 2.00 PM GMT

Viz meet at #puppylinux-foundation
enter #puppylinux-foundation without any spaces in the appropriate location in your IRC client.
10:00pm to 12:00 midnight - Sydney time
Using IRC details


Feb 27 2007

RudyPuppy 070227 based on Puppy Linux 2.14


Feb 24 2007

Viz Puppy 2.15 Alpha (based on 2.14 Final core) please mirror
md5sum 7b555b66b3416ea079398ee35e43c874


Feb 23 2007

Feb 21 2007

Feb 20 2007

Feb 19 2007

Feb 17 2007

Puppy Barbie 2.14 NOW AVAILABLE

Release Notes: http://www.puppyos.com/download/release-2.14.htm
Download: ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/puppy-2.14-seamonkey-fulldrivers.iso
Md5sum file 5012d1fd6d9bb5907ea358ecfd865153

Mirror Download:

compiler module for developers

Feb 12 2007

Puppy Barbie 2.14 BETA released . . .
This is not for general use. It is for Puppy-testers only.
Release Notes: http://www.puppyos.com/download/release-2.14.htm
Download: http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/test/

The Developer's Corner has been setup for the Puppy 1.xx Series Click ToRead More

Feb 9 2007

DotPup-Downloader updated. Now includes pkgtool version 0.4.1 by Nathan F.

Feb 7 2007

Grafpup-2.xx first development snapshot Nathan F. releases a build of GrafPup hit the link and read more !

Dotpup-Downloader A new release of the Dotpup-Downloader is out. Check it out !

Feb 6 2007

2.14 manual still needs work

Feb 2 2007

Introducing BarelyPup-2.13-0.1
The pup_213.sfs is 26MB
The 'standard' zdrv_213.sfs is 16MB
The whole iso is 44MB

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