Hints and Tips -
Changing Desktop Wallpapers (Backgrounds), and adding new ones

How to change the desktop background ("Wallpaper")
Here we shall eventually have some captures of the dialogues used to change wallpapers, with some step by step instructions.


Provided Wallpapers (in /usr/share/backgrounds)

    The default 'Sky1image'  'In Flight'  'Puppy Wallpaper'  'Paw Desk'


Some extras (to put in /usr/share/backgrounds)

    Linspire's resolution test image  WindowsXP 'Bliss' desktop  FreeBSD 'Bliss' image  one of Linspire's competition entries for the desktop for the release of ver 5.0 of their operating system in 2005  found during development of PuppyLinux v2.15 Community Edition  found during development of PuppyLinux v2.15 Community Edition

    You might like to look here at our repository where we have a large range of "wallpapers" (desktop "backgrounds") for computers of all types.

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created 27th August 2006
updated 8th October 2007