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Puppy is an evolutionary operating system, based on GNU Linux. Need a simple intro? Click here for Lobster's Puppy slideshow
Want multimedia video howto presentations, that show all aspects of setting up and enhancing Puppy?
Read the latest Puppy News on the community-supported Wiki News page. Find out how keen our community is!
Read the leading-edge Developer News, maintained by Barry Kauler and updated almost-daily
Visit our Discussion Forums and be part of the vibrant Puppy community. Find answers, post questions, chat about all sorts of things
pup Barry's leading-edge Developer Site has just about everything to do with setup, configuration, compiling and all the nuts-and-bolts
An online jumping-off place for everything Puppy-related. This site is maintained by Puppy enthusiasts ...be warned, it's catching!
Download all flavours of Puppy. 'BareBones', 'Chubby', 'GrafPup', 'Hacao' and more. Or, if on dialup consider buying a CD...
Want to buy Puppy on CD? Get the latest version, plus Unleashed and Sourcerer developers CDs

Help So many exciting Internet links, but don't forget that right here in Puppy there's lots of documentation. This is also available via the 'Help' entry in the menu.
* WARNING: Some web pages, howtos, tutorials not fully upgraded from Puppy1 to Puppy2
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