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KittyLinux adaption of PuppyLinux

    In 2005, linspire.com and deviantart jointly promoted a desktop wallpaper competition for Linspire Linux's ver 5.0 release.

    One of the entries was the image below, which did not acchieve great success but I fell in love with the design, which when I discovered PuppyLinux and its Peach theme seemed to me to make the ideal combination for my tongue-in-cheek KittyLinux concept.

    Of course, KittyLinux does not really exist. But I think the colours and the beautiful image of the cat bottom left make a delightful study. I have included the wallpaper for download on this site, if you wish.

    I have removed the top bar which said "Linspire" on it, as I felt it inappropriate to promote that competing product here. But that is indeed its origin.

    Please enjoy my contribution :)

    And visit my cat's own website. You can find Mr. Maximus Pussimus here, when he is not asleep on the lounge, on the bed, under a bush, or eating his tucker :)

    'Peach' theme with 'Dream of Gold' wallpaper  'Peach' theme with 'Dream of Gold' wallpaper

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created 27th August 2006
updated 1st February 2009