PuppyLinux is a computer operating system that is far faster than "Windows" and which can be as simple to use. It is probable that most of those visiting this site will be currently using the blue colour-scheme of Microsoft's WindowsXP©, so many of the illustrations showing how to change things will be taken with PuppyLinux running in a colour scheme that looks very much like that operating system.

If you don't know what an Operating System is, don't worry; fhink of it as the foundation of a house which all the bricks and other stuff sit on :)

PuppyLinux looking like XP

You don't need to have it look like XP - but it is easy to make it look like it if you would be happier with something more familiar. I know people who use WindowsXP who found the "old" look more familiar, so they turned off all the blue stuff :)

So we have a list of several hints and tips how you can get started. If you have an internet connection you can download the "ISO" file of the system and burn it to a CD very easily - even on a dial-up connection, although that will take longer than a fast broadband connection like cable or DSL - Digital Subscriber Line.

You can also buy copies on the CD on-line and have them mailed to you. IOt is genuinely free if you download it, though :)


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Very simple, use entirely at your own risk. Barry Kauler accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever, and you use Puppy with this understanding.


created 27th August 2006
updated 8th October 2007