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Welcome to your new computer

So you have a new computer... so, what next?

We could tell you this...

    PuppyLinux is a computer operating system that is far faster than "Windows" and which can be as simple to use. It is probable that most of those visiting this site will be currently using the blue colour-scheme of Microsoft's WindowsXP©, so many of the illustrations showing how to change things will be taken with PuppyLinux running in a colour scheme that looks very much like that operating system.

Are you any the wiser as a result?

    If you don't know what an Operating System is, don't worry; fhink of it as the foundation of a house which all the bricks and other stuff sit on :)

    This is a Keep-It-Simple, Stupid ("KISS") page to answer questions you may have if you are a complete beginner. Please read on...

You probably have a computer to do a few different things...
or maybe just one or two of them.
Let's look at that here...

      • Send and receive emails
        That's like sending letters in the post - even big fat ones with photos you've taken in, of the kids or the grandkids.
      • Surf the Net
        The "Net" (correctly the ":World Wide Web") is an enormous publishing house of stuff, some of which is very accurate, and some of which is very biassed. Just like the "Real World" .
      • Instant Messager Chat
        A way of communication using speech or keyboard text (like on a mobile phone, but using a full sized keyboard).
      • Read (and reply) to an enormously wide range of interest group "forums"
        That's like a bigger and better version of "Letters to the Editor".
      • Word Processing
        A fancy description for using the computer for its earliest function - typing real letters you can send through the postal system - or maybe for creating other documents. Just like a typewriter! Nowadays, an older computer is far cheaper than typewriters when I was a young fellow..
There are many others too, but I didn't want to complicate things for you, if you are new. Including the technology called Skype which allows you to talk for free with someone the other side of the world like a phone call.


This Computer's System

    All computers have an underlying "system". This computer has one from the family of systems called "Linux" (pronounced "Leenux"), although if you have seen a computer before, it probably had a Microsoft Operating System.

    The variety of Linux it uses is called "Puppy Linux" - developed in Australia, and designed to run fast and efficiently on older computers originally equipped with Microsoft Corporation's "Windows" system from 1995 onwards. More recent versions of Microsoft Windows systems run slowly and awkwardly (if at all) on older computers.

    So we have updated this computer for your benefit.


Web pages of interest, perhaps, if you want to look under the hood a bit...

  • My page about PuppyLinux
    http://micro-hard.homelinux.net/PuppyLinux - this looks at a "jazzed-up" version of Puppy Linux designed to compete in looks with Microsoft's offerings known as WindowsXP and Windows Vista (also known as "Wow").

    It offers links to other informative pages also.

  • My page about PuppyLinux on your computer
    If you are not on the internet, you can find the same page here.

Very simple, use entirely at your own risk. Barry Kauler (the designer of Puppy Linux) accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever, and you use Puppy with this understanding. This is genuine free (open source) software but that does not mean it is sub-standard, nor that you can't get help if something goes wrong.

By far the majority of web sites also run on free (open source) software; this should say something! The Apache web server is used world-wide, and even Microsoft use them on some of their download sites.


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created 12th May 2008