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I must say I think Puppy is more amazing than the initial impression you get. *

Download live-Puppy: ready-to-go bootable CD

A complete operating system with suite of GUI apps, only about 50 - 90M and boots directly off the CDROM.


puppy-xxxx.iso Checksum file: puppy-xxxx.iso.md5.txt:

Optional! Make
a donation to
Barry Kauler:

Alternative HTTP URL:

Note that there are customised releases of Puppy on some of the download sites linked-to below, such as Puppy with the Opera web browser, Chubby Puppy that includes OpenOffice, and BareBones Puppy that is only 39M. These are not on

Download then use your favourite CD burner software (see note on BurnCDCC further down) and burn puppy-xxxxx.iso onto a CD/R or CD/RW.

See live-CD Puppy page for more information.

Of course, as is normal for any free product, you use entirely at your own risk. If you encounter any difficulties, there is friendly support on the Discussion Forum. Also, the FAQ is an essential read.,, and are hosted by Very fast, extremely high uptime, huge bandwidth and storage, free domain names. I chose these guys after several months of searching.
So, check them out by clicking on the banner on the left, and the referral mechanism should work automatically if you decide to follow through and signup (I get a discount on the next account renewal for each successful referral. Let me know if you signup with them, so that I can check that the referral mechanism is working, and I would like to know your experiences with using Netfirms).

Alternative download sites

If you have trouble downloading from, or need a special version of Puppy, try the following. Note that some download sites are provided out of the generosity of private individuals, something that I greatly appreciate. Note also that some sites may not have the latest version.

Check download integrity

Here is the MSDOS application for doing a checksum (note, Linux has an equivalent):

md5sum.exe (right-click to download)

To check "puppy-0.9.5.iso" for example, if you have downloaded "puppy-0.9.5.iso", "puppy-0.9.5.iso.txt" and "md5sum.exe" to the same folder, open a MSDOS box in that folder and type this:

C> md5sum -c puppy-0.9.5.iso.txt

(The "C>" is the prompt, don't type that). This will automatically compare the checksum inside "puppy-0.9.5.iso.txt" with the file "puppy-0.9.5.iso" and give you an "OK".

CD burner software

If your PC has a CD-burner drive, it will have come with software. If you find it confusing and cannot figure out how to correctly burn a ISO file to CD, then check this out:

Active contributor on the Puppy Forum, GuestToo, has discovered an application called BurnCDCC (for Windows), that is specifically designed to burn ISO files to CDs. It does nothing else, so it is very easy to use. The URL is:

Alternatively, if you already have an earlier version of Puppy running, you are in luck, as Puppy has heaps of programs for burning to CD and DVD. I recommend Burniso2cd, available in the "Multimedia" menu.

Warning: If you want to create a multisession-DVD, you must use one of the DVD-burner programs in Puppy or another Linux. I currently do not know of any Windows burner program that will burn a DVD correctly for multisession use.

Download Puppy Unleashed

This is the packages that are put together to create Puppy. Puppy Unleashed consists of over 500 packages, with an easy-to-use build script that enables you to choose the packages you want and build your own custom Puppy live-CD.

For further information, see the Puppy Unleashed page.

Go to the Puppy download site, and download "puppy-unleashed-core-2.xx.tar.gz" to a spare ext2/ext3/reiserfs partition with at least 1.5GB free space. Get rid of any existing directory named "puppy-unleashed" to avoid conflict. Expand it:

# sync
# tar -zxf puppy-unleashed-core-2.xx.tar.gz

After expansion, you will have a directory named "puppy-unleashed" and inside that you will see a directory named "packages". The packages directory is empty, and you have to download all the files from the "pet_packages-2" directory (Puppy 2.14 and later. Download from "pupget_packages-1" directory for Puppy v2.13. Earlier not supported) on You could use wget or gFTP to do this.

The above picture shows how to setup anonymous FTP using gFTP. Use your email address for the password. Right-click on the right-hand pane to select all files for download.

The local packages directory will then be full of ".pet" files (v2.13: ".tar.gz" files). Now expand them:

# sync
Puppy v2.13:
# cd puppy-unleashed/packages That is, change into the packages directory if not already.
Puppy v2.14+:
# cd puppy-unleashed
# ./

V2.13: The file is a script that should have got downloaded along with all the other Unleashed packages.
V2.14: The file is a script that comes in puppy-uneashed-core-2.xx tarball. It is in the puppy-unleashed directory after expansion and you run it from there.

To use Unleashed however requires familiarity with the Linux commandline, so Linux-newbies be warned.

Note, I have a CD for sale, with as much as will fit on the CD, for people who just want to get it all in one go:

Purchase Puppy CD via mail

For people on a slow dialup connection, even 60-90M is too much to download. Puppy Unleashed, at about 340M, is an even worse situation. I have responded to requests to make Puppy available for order via the postal service. This is a nominal fee, to cover media, packaging, postage, and a small amount to put toward the Puppy project expenses.

What you get is the very latest version, a live-CD that includes Puppy Unleashed, which means that you can build your own custom live-CDs. The CD also includes the source package for the patched kernel (not all the sources for Puppy), plus a selection of pre-built live-CD ISO files. It also has the file devx_2xx.sfs, which turns Puppy into a complete compile environment. Total size is about 600-650M.

Pay here:

Puppy Unleashed CD
  (price includes  international airmail)

Upgrade price:
Unleashed CD us$5.99
(including international postage)
If you have previously purchased Puppy Unleashed, you may buy the latest version at the upgrade price. The email address that you have registered with PayPal must be the same as used in the original order, so that I can cross-check.
Click here to pay at the upgrade price:

When payment to PayPal is completed, PayPal will notify me (and you) by email, and I will despatch the CD promptly. See "Limited Liability" and "PayPal membership" notes below.
* See note on source packages below.

or here:

The upgrade price is US$5 (5 Euros, AU$5), but please provide approx. date of previous order if by mail, or email if via PayPal.

For cash payment, round off the payment to US$10
(or 10 Euros, or AU$10 within Australia), paper note cash in an envelope and post to Barry Kauler, P.O. Box 359, Perenjori, WA 6620, Australia (include your postal address, so that I can send the CD to you). Other currencies, money/postal orders, checks/cheques NOT acceptable. Please be aware of the risk factor with sending cash, and it could get lost, for which I, Barry Kauler am not liable -- in other words, the risk is entirely your own. Please send an unmarked paper note, that is, no punctures, rips or writing on it.

Note, I may introduce other payment methods in the future.

Limited liability:
There is a blanket disclaimer of any liability in any way whatsover. I cannot guarantee delivery after the CD has been despatched. If it does not arrive at the destination, that is unfortunate. However, if a CD reaches you and it is faulty, scan it and send the proof of arrival to me and I will send another. Please check the CD in at least two other CD drives to be sure that the problem is not with the drive. Please also note that Puppy is not guaranteed to work on all PCs, nor to be compatible with any specific hardware such as sound, video, wireless, pcmcia, etc.
PayPal membership:
Although the price is shown above in U.S. Dollars, PayPal can accept payment by credit card from most countries in the world. Last time I looked, I think membership was about 60 million. PayPal members can be "verified" or "unverified". Verified means that PayPal has tested the credit card details that you supplied to them and verified the account to be genuine and to belong to you. However, I think that you can still make a payment if unverified. That is, you can join PayPal and make a payment to me without having gone through the extra step of verification. Even if unverified, PayPal will do a basic check of your credit card details when processing a transaction.

Download the source packages

The "Puppy Unleashed" CD only has binary packages, except for the kernel source. Until recently I sold a CD called "Puppy Sourcerer", that had most of the source packages used in Puppy. However, now the source packages are online.

Puppy from v2.10 onwards has been created using the T2-project build system. The T2-Puppy project is described in the Puppy From Scratch page. This is a set of build scripts that download all the source packages from the T2 repositories and compiles them. The complete list of packages used in Puppy is in the Puppy From Scratch page, also you can find the exact list for any particular release of Puppy in the file /root/.packages/packages.txt of your running Puppy.

Any source package can be downloaded directly from the T2 repositories:
The gcc and glibc packages are from:

Puppy uses some packages that are not in the T2 repositories. These can be found at one of the following: (courtesy of Ted Dog) (various source and binary pkgs here)

If you need kernel source it is at the site. The patches are provided but I also have provided pre-patched kernel source ready for compiling. Before compiling the kernel or modules for the kernel, you must read the How to compile the kernel page.

Please note that there is no magical build script for creating Puppy from source. The T2-Puppy build system compiles most of the raw binary packages that are used in Puppy. However, a very manual process is involved in converting the raw binary packages into the cutdown Unleashed packages and the "devx" compiler module. It is expected that one day this step will be automated, but currently it isn't. Thus, the T2 build system is going to be useful to very few people -- if all you want to do is compile some source packages in Puppy, just use the devx_xxx.sfs file, not T2.

I love this distro! Barry, this is obviously a labor of love; there's not enough money in the world to pay someone to do what you have done. *

*   Extract from Puppy Discussion Forum.
(c) Copyright 2006,2007 Barry Kauler
No part of this page is to be reproduced anywhere else. I have found that there is a problem where parts of my web pages are being inserted at other sites, then not updated, whereas I am updating my pages regularly. This is not a desirable situation, so please just link to my pages.