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Puppy 2.17.1

Puppy 2.17 "Dancer"

There are 2 versions of 2.17: The nolzma version is a little bigger, but programs start faster. The lzma version is a little smaller, but programs start a little slower.

Mirror 1
  • Puppy 2.17 (nolzma version)
  • Puppy 2.17 (lzma version)

  • Mirror 2
  • Puppy 2.17 (nolzma version)
  • Puppy 2.17 (lzma version)

  • Metalinks for Puppy217
    MetaLink allows you to download from several mirrors at the same time. You need a MetaLink-enabled downloader like aria2.
  • Puppy 2.17 (nolzma version)
  • Puppy 2.17 (lzma version)

  • MD5 checksums
    Md5 checksums allows you to check that the file downloaded correctly without corruption. See Md5 for more info.
  • nolzma
  • 260d2651ad2564748e37b468a848f1b2
  • lzma
  • 70af95820e7247c91bbca647461403ce

  • Puppy 2.16.1

    Mirror 1: US
    Mirror 2: Europe
    In Europe you might find the NLUUG mirror quicker:
    Mirror 3
    Mirror 4
    Mirror 5
    Metalink for Puppy 2.16.1
    Puppy 2.16.1 metalink

    Md5Sum for 2.16.1 ISO

    Puppy 2.15CE

    Note: You may also want Puppy 2.14 because it requires less resources.

    DOWNLOAD THIS if you want a better interface

    132MB - Puppy will still load totally in memory on a 128MB computer
    and 64MB and lower if using a swap file

    Please mirror and add here

    8e3ea16dda19d2e21ffe1f7f3acbb975 puppy-215CE-Final.iso

    132MB - Puppy will still load totally in memory on a 128MB computer
    and 64MB and lower if using a swap file

    MU's mirror:

    ISO & sfs files mirror:
    (download puppy-215CE-Final.iso initially)

    symlinked here to the above directory:

    Some of the information about puplets below may not be accurate.

    DOWNLOAD THIS if you want Puppy with integrated Open Office (170MB download)

    Puppy Office 2.03 Community Edition

    Uses OpenOffice Word Processor instead of Abiword
    Uses Open Office Spreadsheet instead of Gnumeric. Includes local languages
    Office Suite includes database, presentation program and vector graphics

    DOWNLOAD THIS if you want a small stable Puppy

    Version Puppy 2.02

    release notes

    Bill St Clair

    DOWNLOAD THIS if you are on dialup - extra packages can be added

    39 Meg BareBones Puppy

    Smaller contains only Dillo Browser. No Abiword or Gnumeric
    Suitable for Dialup and then add more programs

    DOWNLOAD THIS if you are an Opera Browser fan

    Puppy version 2.00 with Opera web browser

    Ibiblio http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/
    Ibiblio ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/
    please add mirrors

    DOWNLOAD THIS if you are a hard core command line Linux user 26.4 meg

    OneBone Puppy version 2.00rev.1

    This is a play-thing, requested by a few people on the forum, and definitely not for the average user. In other words, Linux commandline nerds only!

    Ibiblio http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/
    Ibiblio ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux

    Notes from Barry:
    "OneBone does not have any X GUI applications. It does have Elinks web browser, Ytree file manager and MP text editor. The Lucent and SmartLink modem drivers are included (though there is an issue with the latter, see forum). The full list of packages is to be found in /root/.packages/packages.txt.

    OneBone is a one-off from me, but it would be an interesting ongoing project for someone so inclined. There are lots of text-mode applications out there and a very interesting flavour of Puppy could be created, based on this starting point. Note that currently Puppy does not have mouse support in text-mode, but I found Elinks quite usable with the keyboard -- there is no text-mode Network Wizard, but I just ran "dhcpcd eth0" and I was connected to the Internet. For dialup, there are the text-mode wvdial and eznet.

    Note also that the version of OneBone is 2.00 revision 1, as it includes the bugfixes mentioned below since the release of v2.0"

    DOWNLOAD THIS if you have 128 Meg of RAM

    Puppy1.09 with Firefox Browser


    * Multisession improvements boot from and save to CD or DVD
    * Inkscape vector editor.
    * GParted, graphical drive partitioning tool.
    * Geany text editor
    * The 'standard' live-CD now has Perl, v5.8.0.
    * Perl v5.8.0. language added
    * Better unique hardware detection
    * 70 Meg ISO, smaller versions to follow

    mirrors of earlier versions


    Here you will find a list with more mirrors:

    In case it is down, here are the links:

    Other Iso servers:


    Smaller Iso servers:

    http://www.toddrichardson.com/archive/ (small versions)
    http://www.moulinier.net/ (french)

    Link-collection to more servers and P2P-torrents:


    Puppy2 News

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