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WARNING: These DotPups have been created by Puppy users and are not officially part of Puppy Linux, and the Puppy Linux project can not be responsible for the use of these programs. It is even possible that one or more of these program could result in loss of data or even damage to your system. Use any of these programs at your own risk.

A DotPup Example ... How To Install a DotPup

DotPup becomes part of Puppy

From version 1.0.1 of Puppy there will be two software installers in Puppy:
PupGet allows the installation and uninstallation of the complete PuppyUnleashed series of programs
DotPup allows Puppians to create simple software installer scripts for the community

You Lucky People!

Other Sources of DotPup Files

Since DotPups are so unofficial there are many different repositories of them. If you want an automated way of looking at it you should dry MU's excellent PSI (Puppy Software Installer). Another main place to check is http://puppyfiles.org/dotpupsde/dotpups/ Also check these forum links old and new

How To Make A DotPup

What's in a DotPup File?

A DotPup file is basically a single zip file. (I chose zip instead of tar.gz because servers often have the mime settings for gz files set to txt/html, which can corrupt the file when it downloads). In the zip file are whatever files you like. There should be a file called md5sum.txt, to verify the file integrity of whatever files you want verified. There should be a file called dotpup.sh, which will be automatically executed.

A script to make a DotPup file might have lines like this in it:

md5sum dotpup.sh > md5sum.txt
md5sum *.gz >> md5sum.txt
md5sum my-program/* >> md5sum.txt
zip -r -9 my-dotpup.pup dotpup.sh md5sum.txt *.gz my-program/*

So when you click the DotPup file, the integrity of the zip file will be tested (unzip -t) ... it will be unzipped ... md5sum.txt will be checked (md5sum -c) ... and dotpup.sh will be run.

The current version of DotPup runs dotpup.sh only if you click a button.

What is DotPup?

With Windows, you can download a file, for example, java-installer.exe, and click it to run the installer.

With Puppy you can set up an installer package, for example, java-installer.zip, which can be downloaded and unzipped and run. If the file associations are setup properly in Rox (they often are not), all you have to do to unzip the file is click it ... but the TkZip windows that pops up could be a little confusing, you have to click about 6 different buttons to unzip the file. Opening an rxvt window and typing tar xzvf java-installer.tar.gz would be easier ... but still confusing to a Windows refugee.

If you setup a file association in Rox for dot pup files (for example, java-installer.pup), then all a person has to do is download the file and click it to run it. You could do that anyway, but doing it this way, it's as simple as a Windows installer.exe file, and no problems with permissions.

Setting up a file association in Rox is trivially easy for an installer script. Once it's setup, all you have to do to automatically run a dot-pup package is download it and click it.

Once dot-pup is installed, it could be used to install the latest version of dot-pup ... for example, download dotpup-002.pup and click it to install.

It just makes installing (or uninstalling) stuff trivially easy ... one click and it's installed.


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